Naruto 693 – Sasuke’s Ideology

Defeating Sasuke’s ideology Naruto 693 and kicking his butt, and showing great resolve is what I’m talking about. Not simply a physical ass whooping on its own as I think that would be pointless.

naruto manga 693

naruto manga 693

It’s a shame Kishi didn’t go around it differently from the start, naming the manga different and opting for 2 main characters instead of one (and making Sasuke less obnoxious and more relatable).

If the manga wasn’t called Naruto, this last fight with conflicting ideologies would actually have some suspense.

Sasuke could still be redeemed if his real desire is to finish his cursed bloodline by getting killed by Naruto. Any idiot would realize that this world would have been a lot better if it weren’t for Uchiha plotting. He wants one last match against his rival and he’s playing the bad guy so that Naruto fight seriously.
That would make sense given the circumstance and how dumb Sasuke’s decision sounds, but Kishi’s writing quality has been varying so much… I just don’t know.

One can only wish.

One Piece 761 Discussion – Luffy can’t beat Doflamingo

Doflamingo going on a rampage One Piece 761 manga just now and owning Luffy doesn’t mean Luffy can’t beat Doflamingo. Don’t forget in Water 7, Rob Lucci made short work of Luffy because Luffy wasn’t nearly serious enough yet. Luffy is pissed at Doflamingo, but I think his level of rage is going to have to go up. His strength goes through different levels based on his anger quite often. At this point Luffy HAS to beat Doflamingo. Fujitora and the country are betting on it. Also recall Robin’s speech that Luffy has always been the winning trump card.

one piece 761

one piece 761

To me this is just a chance for Luffy to develop stronger haki. He’s admitted it can become much stronger. Sometimes it takes a life or death situation to become stronger. Think back to Zoro vs Mr. 1. Zoro couldn’t cut steal before that but learned how to in the fight.
I also think Doflamingo could die, actually.

Good candidates are : Kaidou, Trafalgar Law, Bellamy, King Riku, Sabo.

- Kaidou : That would be huge, actually. And the best boss entrance ever.
– Trafalgar Law : He’s the one who’s talking about it since the beginning and he’s ready to do whatever it takes.
– Bellamy : The way he was treated can’t be unpunished, I’m sure Bellamy could be the one to hit by behind when Doflamingo’s surrounded or distracted.
– King Riku : The right heir of Dressrosa. It would be a just payback but it’s very unlikely that he could do like Bellamy since he’s counting on Luffy. And I don’t see him as the killing type of guy. But Oda have his ways that only Oda knows…
– Sabo : If his brother is endangered, he won’t sit down twice, no matter what. And Sabo is freaking powerful.

Bleach 597 – Beast amongst the Sternritter

So far, Pepe is zommari worse twin Bleach chapter 597. Unlike zommari who could “amor” any being, whether they’re living or non-living, Pepe was only able to “Love” control living beings.

bleach manga 597

bleach manga 597

Zommari also had speed and Freakin severals eyes to observe and catch his target while Holy Diaper baby is so far proven to be a plump with mobility issues and only have the ability to control via his arms.

Why the fuck is ranking and power levels and things of that nature still is a thing is this manga again? If Zommari (who is apparently considered weak by many) is the better verson of Pepe? Pepe who was supposedly a beast amongst the Sternritter?

Again, Mayuri is the most dangerous Captain of the gotei (NOT Yamamoto) and yet people regard his ass as the “weakest captain” and then people like Soifon and Kumomora also fell into this one of the weakest ranking crap.

So I’ll ask again. Why do people give a shit about ranking when the whole thing is arbitrary in the first place?

Naruto 692 Scans – Kaguya’s Sealing

I don’t think he has much of an naruto 692 agenda at this point. Every reason he might have had in the past to oppose Naruto and what he stands for is shattered. He’s slowing changing, and it’s only a matter of time before he admits it…Not before an epic smack down between him and Naruto though.

naruto manga 692

naruto manga 692

this is far worse than naruto not knowing how to get away from kaguya’s first dimension. that time they were lucky because hagoromo and kages saved them.
naruto should have asked hagoromo how to save everyone from jukai koutan and reverting them back to human.

or maybe tree and its effects will dissolve after kaguya’s sealing.

by the way is this the end of the manga?This was the emotion I was looking for. Everything is coming full circle. When I read this chapter I started thinking back on the entire series and how Naruto has grown as a character — as a fucking series.

While I think the plot twists were pretty ass..and that there were a lot of missed oppourtunities…and that Kishi could have done a lot more with the fights…I’m fine with how things are shaping up from an emotional standpoint. For example, the look on Sasuke’s face after watching Madara die was pretty touching. Something’s going on in that head of his and I hope we get to see it.

So I’m not gonna engage in any of the heated discussions that will undoubtedly take place in this thread.

Just gonna chill, and reflect.

ALSO, what if Kakashi ended up becoming 10x more badass with the Sharingan? Granted he wouldn’t be able to do any of the crazy space-time-warp jutsus but he might be able to compensate somehow.

He’ll no longer have to worry about the constant chakra drain. I also doubt he’ll just “forget” how to do all the jutsu he copied over the years.

One Piece 760 Manga – Conquered the Grand Line

Roger was not the Pirate King one piece 760 because he found Raftel, but because he “conquered the Grand Line”, whatever that means. And whatever reaching Raftel means to it.

You would think based on that title that he ruled over other pirates, but since he wanted freedom above anything else, that’s the last think he would look for.

one piece 760

one piece 760

I think the one who will be the pirates king, doesn’t mean he just has to beat everyone in order to archieve it. The ability to make the ppl you hate you into allies and friends is more important that beating someone butt. I think the pirate king isn’t just the guy who will only travel to every island and beat every opponents its also the guy who will make everyone follow him for various of reasons for example from respect or because of been friends . Pirate king is the guy who will unite all the pirates and lead.That was some cool combination at the end of the chapter.
Law and Luffy sure are dangerous together and I believe that after that punch in his stomach, Dofla will be a bit more wary of them.
Either way it was a funny chapter, even though I really felt bad for Bellamy….
Now, I’m realy looking forward to reading the next chapter, will things will get ugly.Well in other to find one piece. You have to beat the 4 yonko and the marine. Also all the pirate who are looking for OP.

Next chapter. First 2 page of DD and luffy and the rest it going to be zoro vs pika or sanji crew or sabo.
Or findind the princess chronicle.

Bleach 596 is Out! – Ukitake and Shunsui

Zommari is back bleach 596 then it is likely intentional for Pepe’s ability to be so similar. If that’s the case this fight is alright then. I actually recall Kubo making a list of the Espada who had a chance of reappearing and Zommari was oddly on that list. I have no idea how he’s back though. Cuhlhorne I could see since Mayuri did go to FKT after the war was over so he probably got more spoils there. Why couldn’t he take Findor though…

bleach manga 596

bleach manga 596

I think we still have a few Stern Ritter to meet. And there is a chance the Cang Du or at least BG9 is still alive. Sooner or later, we’re going to have to see Ukitake and Shunsui fight, and I’ve been waiting to see the Stern Ritter fight for awhile so I can handle the wait. It does seem like they’re outnumbered though, but the way these battles have been going the Stern Ritter usually end up taking people out before they meet their real opponent. I doubt Bazz-B is going to lose to Rukia and Renji. Grimmjow, where are you?!The only stern ritters with some sense of dignity seems to be Kirge, Hashwaldt(B) and maybe Liltotto (She´s at least more reasonable than the rest of the ritters I seen this far…)

Pepe… well, he was disgusting and I´m still trying to erase the image of him from my mind… And a total let down compared with Giselle… And even As Nodt for that matter since the latter was actually pretty great for a quincy…

But I guess Kubo isn´t even trying with the ritters anymore… I just hope that the last unseen ritters will be more original… like “M” for “Memory” and similar…